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Our logo links a famous regional famous landmark that is recognisable throughout all of Greenland as well as the nature and development of the Dundas Ilmenite Deposit.

The Dundas Mountain is located 40 km east of the project area and the abandoned former settlement of Moriusaq.

The Dundas mountain stands 255 m tall as a distinct landform visible up to 100kms on a good day near the former settlement of Uummannaq; the former Thule trading station, and near the present-day Thule Air Base. In 1909 a missionary station was established at the mainland at Dundas. The year after the well-known Greenland explorers Knud Rasmussen and Peter Freuchen established a trading station named Thule at the site.

Although 40 km away from the project area and the former settlement of Moriusaq, the Dundas mountain exemplifies the nature of the ilmenite-sand and the extent to which the entire region hosts this ilmenite rich material as a potential source of ilmenite for future developments. The mountain’s flat top is protectively capped by a nearly horizontal volcanic rock, the so-called ilmenite rich dolerite sills, emplaced into the surrounding country rock around 700 million years ago. This dolerite sill is part of the regional Steensby Land sill complex. The dolerites of the Steensby Land sill complex have a remarkably high content of the titanium-iron-bearing oxide-mineral ilmenite. The dolerites of the sill complex, which is estimated to make up nearly 30% of the entire rock volume in the nearby region, is the source of the ilmenite that is the focus for Dundas Titanium A/S. As the dolerites are being weathered and eroded the liberated ilmenite ends up as finely winnowed and concentrated along extensive marine terraces. As the ilmenite mineral is denser than most other lighter minerals natural processes carry the less dense materials away thereby naturally concentrating the heavier ilmenite minerals. Consequently, these large raised beach-systems become enriched in ilmenite-bearing beach sand and now can be seen for more than 30km along these natural onshore marine terraces.

Moriusaq is currently the focus of the company’s development at Dundas however over the next two years the company expects to confirm to reporting standard additional resources in the order of 3-500mt of material that will extend the mine life for potentially another 30-50 years