Our values

Our mission statement:

Respect for the community

In order to create a successful mining operation in Greenland, we recognize the significant responsibility we have with regards to respecting the home of the local inhabitants, communities and cultures, protecting and preserving, to the best of our ability. We respect the environment in which we operate and, finally, ensuring we deliver the opportunity to financially transform the area through the creation of jobs and development,; locally, regionally and national.

Dundas Titanium A/S is committed to respecting all inhabitants and be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Through our implementation of training programs, which is made exclusively for local/regional residents, we are planning to support employment level in the area. We intend to train and employ local and regional sources of machine-operators and staff within the wider operational and mining team in the extend possible. This also include job opportunities within the service and support functions to the mining operation.

Dundas Titanium A/S is fully committed to build a long-lasting positive and sustainable legacy for those living in the nearby communities, where we have the privilege to operate. We look to support all stakeholders on an on-going basis. This we will do by holding regular meeting and addressing grievances to carrying out projects that will set the stable foundations for a sustainable  mining operation at the Dundas Ilmenite Mine.

Responsible principles

Health and safety first

At Dundas Titanium we want:

  • Zero harm – possible to achieve no matter where we work
  • No repeats – this means that all necessary steps will be taken to learn from incidents, audit findings and other nonconformances to prevent their recurrence.
  • We must learn, adapt, anticipate and prevent issues recurring, this will make us continuous improvement
  • Simplicity and Consistency – these are for us the basis for exceptional performance across our business wherever we work

Our occupational Health and Safety management plans are developed for all our operations, reflecting local applicable laws and regulations, international best practice requirements, regular risk-assessments application and the mitigation hierarchy, and adaptive management. We at Dundas Titanium require our employees, consultants, contractors, suppliers and subsidiaries to adopt our Health and Safety principles as a minimum standard.

Our employees

We are dedicated to build a team of committed and responsible employees. We want to treat every individual as a respected and valued member of our community and workplace. Our goal is to build a mine in Greenland partially run by locally employees staff in the widest extend possible; through our strategic training program, management and feedback, we are determined to achieve this goal.

Environment & Social Impact

We are fully committed to run a responsible and sustainable mining operation in Greenland. This is being demonstrated through the submission of an Environmental Impact Assessment and a Social Impact Assessment all of which were compiled over a period of several years. These will, together with a mutual agreed Impact Benefit Agreement between Dundas Titanium A/S, stakeholders, authorities and communities/the public form the basis for our operation. The is where all potential issues and available solutions are carefully considered and included with open discussions with regional stakeholders and the Greenlandic Government.

Dundas Titanium values:

  • Dundas Titanium A/S is dedicated to support and engage sustainable with the local communities and the Greenlandic society. Dundas Titanium A/S will be a responsible operator and contributor to the Greenlandic society – and will actively work for the continued development and prosperity of the Greenlandic society. The operation will make use local staff in the widest extend possible. Staff training will be ongoing, and we make a great virtue out of the general health and professionalism of our staff.
  • Dundas Titanium A/S has the greatest respect for the Greenlandic culture, traditions and history that characterize the Greenland society. Dundas Titanium A/S intends will operate under these and consider and respect these in its operations.
  • Dundas Titanium A/S will operate with the greatest respect of the unique nature, environment and wildlife that we have the privilege to operate in. Dundas Titanium A/S will operate under the highest possible standards and strive towards most sustainable operation with minimal impact to the environment.